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  • Blog: How children and young people can support each other with mental health!

    20th March 2019
    We know that peer support is a very useful tool in terms of mental health. We know that as adults we will often speak to a friend to share a problem or let them know how we are feeling. Women still tend to be better at doing ...more
  • Student Wellbeing

    20th March 2019
    Below is a really easy to use reminder for students about how they can look after themselves and each other.  Please feel free to down a PDF version to put up around your school.     AFL_ChildMentalHea ...more
  • Teaching for Mastery – DFE funding news

    14th March 2019
    Teaching for mastery has become a large National initiative with significant DFE funding available for participating schools. There are two forms of engagement for secondary schools as follows:- Teaching for Maste ...more
  • Active Maths Workshop

    13th March 2019
    This course looks at the research, rationale and benefits of introducing 'active maths' into the school curriculum - focusing on how this approach is raising attitudes and attainment to maths in schools across the UK and inte ...more
  • Blog: Join us for #MINDFULMARCH

    12th March 2019
    As teachers and leaders if we don't look after ourselves we really can't do a good job leading or teaching colleagues/children! It is Mindfulness March - are you Mind Full or Mindful? Does your to-do list seem never endin ...more
  • Mindful March

    8th March 2019
    Do you ever find yourself caught up in cycles of stress, anxiety or negative thinking? Does life ever feel overwhelming, or a struggle? Imagine if you had the tools to align with your authentic self, untangle yourself fro ...more
  • Launch Event for Sport England PE Hub

    6th March 2019
    As you will be aware from the press release posted on 16 January 2019, we have been commissioned by Sport England as part of a £13.5m teacher training programme, to help foster a more positive attitude to physical education ...more
  • My Teacher Training Journey

    5th March 2019
    As the weather gets hotter, the leaves get greener and the word 'SATs' becomes part of my every day, the realisation that I'm over half way through my teacher training journey at the Alliance for Learning SCITT dawns on me. ...more
  • Blog: Happy Valentines

    14th February 2019
      Blog by Lisa Fathers, Director of Teaching School & Partnerships Love is about social connection, kindness, empathy and as we celebrate Valentine’s Day we reflect on how we can facilitate those things at scho ...more
  • SEND Multi-Sensory Mathematics

    5th February 2019
    Developing multi-sensory and cross-curricular approaches to maths to raise attainment for all learners.   Date:  Monday 11th March 2019 Time:  8.30am - 10.30am Venue:  Hollinwood Academy    This project ...more