Bereavement resources for parents and school staff

Supporting bereaved children through the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Losing someone close to us is never easy. Things are even harder at the moment because those grieving rituals we usually engage in to bring us some comfort and closure cannot happen in quite the same way at the moment.   For anyone who is experiencing a bereavement in these extraordinary times, this will be especially challenging due to the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 and the restrictions it brings. 

Also losing a loved one to a new virus that we do not really understand completely is even more frightening. We hear lots of statistics on the news but when one of those numbers read out is an actual person who is no longer here it really is very hard.  You might have lost someone due to an important operation being cancelled due to the Corona Virus, there are many indirect but linked deaths too. You are not alone. With the help of  our mental health team here at the teaching school we have gathered a plethora of useful  bereavement resources including, books, resources, websites and information to help those who have lost someone or to help you support someone recently bereaved. We hope you find something that will support you through this very sad time.T o support children, we also need to take care of ourselves. Whatever happens, there are always people to help and listen. As well as resources, books, activities and information, we have also included a list of helplines offering support for adults as well.