An Introduction to Desmos

Have you heard of Desmos?

Desmos is a tool which allows teachers and students to maintain the teacher-student dynamic in an online environment.

When teaching remotely, the main challenge is the lack of  connection and non-verbal communication between the teacher and the class; Desmos fills that void easily and re-creates the school environment to a virtual one which elevates the experience for both the teacher and students.

As teachers/ school staff,  we can see what students are doing (or not), in real-time. The main advantage of Desmos is the ability to identify any issues and misconceptions even in a class of 32 students within a fraction of the time.

This session will be delivered by one of our SLE team Sylwia Glazewska who is Director of Maths at partner school Falinge Park High School. Sylwia has been delivering Remote Learning CPD for our Maths Hub for months and colleagues have found it incredibly useful!

Course Arrangements

Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Time: 3:30 – 4:45pm

Venue: Online via Zoom


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