NQT Induction Programme 2020-2021; information on the Early Career Framework

The Alliance for Learning is an Appropriate Body for the professional induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs).  The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the induction period of NQTs and the Appropriate Body makes the final decision as to whether an NQT has met the Teacher Standards.

The Alliance for Learning offers a comprehensive induction package, which includes two highly acclaimed NQT conferences and membership of the Chartered College of Teaching for NQTs who commence employment during the academic year 2020-21. This package is designed to support schools in the induction process and enable all NQTs to be clearly assessed against the Teacher Standards.

It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that they commit appropriate resources to the induction of newly qualified teachers. It is the responsibility of the Appropriate Body to ensure quality of this induction provision. As the Appropriate Body, our service includes the administration, quality assurance, supporting and monitoring of NQTs.  We also provide specific SLE support to any NQTs who need some extra subject support.

**Early Career Teacher Programme– Information for Schools**

All schools in Greater Manchester are warmly invited to join the Early Career Framework (ECF) early roll-out for 2020. This brand new, fullyfunded programme builds on learnings from this year’s Education Endowment Fund pilots and the thinking behind the Early Career Framework to help educators early in their careers to put them on a path towards expertise and improve wellbeing and job satisfaction. 

The Alliance for Learning are delighted  to announce that new for 2020, we will be working with Ambition Institute  to offer this new and exciting early career programme. The programme  will train NQTs and their mentors across two years. The programme is a blended learning experience that provides high quality, evidence-informed training and materials alongside scaffolding to ensure effective mentoring. 

 The ECF package sits alongside and complements the Alliance for Learning NQT support package. We are offering three routes that you can choose from:

Route 1: Our full NQT package as detailed below with the enhancement of the ECF, fullyfunded by the DfE for the pilot phase.  As the title suggests this is a pilot, so it is also an ideal opportunity to further develop and refine the ECF package for the national rollout for 2021.   

Route 2: Alliance for Learning NQT package only, no involvement with the ECF.

Route 3: NQTs registered with another appropriate body, ECF pilot only.  

 Cost (for both Route 1 and Route 2)

£355.00 per person (which includes two NQT Conferences and full membership of the Chartered College of Teaching)

What does the package include?

    • Registration and monitoring the progress of NQTs and reporting to the Teacher Regulation Agency
    • Making decisions on the outcome of statutory induction for NQTs
    • Giving advice where NQTs are at risk of failure and advising on appropriate support packages for the NQT
    • Providing advice and guidance on the induction of NQTs
    • Quality assurance of assessment forms, against the Teacher Standards
    • Phone/email support for NQT Induction Tutors
    • Access to up-to-date guidance documents
    • Twilight Mentor Training – 14 September 2020, 4.00pm – 5.30pm
    • NQT induction session – 21 September 2020, 4.00pm – 5.30pm
    • A school visit when appropriate
    • Access to two full-day NQT training conferences, held on 27 November 2020 & 22 April 2021

Jason Bangbala, a leading Educational Consultant will be delivering a session on “Supporting Behaviour Management” on 27 November 2020

During this fun, down to earth, no-nonsense and interactive session, delegates will be provided with a whole toolkit of simple, practical and realistic strategies. These can be implemented the very next day in their own practice, to de-escalate and diffuse any low level inappropriate behaviour quickly, effectively and non-confrontationally. Delegates will also be provided with a complete range of practical ideas to prevent any low level inappropriate behaviour occurring in the first place and creating a positive climate for learning. Delegates will also be equipped to adopt the key principles of developing outstanding behaviour, including rules, routines, relationships, rewards, engagement, effective learning and teaching, positive parental involvement, presence, assertiveness, confidence and consistency.
Delegates will also have the tools and strategies to support pupils to have a ‘can do’ attitude to learning where they are independent, resilient,take risks and have a growth mindset.The heart of the session focuses on giving delegates the confidence and skills to tackle behaviour themselves and not pass the buck. It also gives them an opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour with a view to them ensuring that they are motivating pupils to have a positive attitude to learning.

Read more about Jason Bangbala here.

For further information and registration forms please visit the links below:

NQT Service Level Agreement  – Download, sign and return to register for this service.
NQT Registration Form 2020/21 – Use this form to register NQTs with the Alliance for Learning.
NQT Induction Form During – Use this form to report NQT induction during an NQTs first or second term. This can also be used for interim assessments.
NQT Induction Form Final– Use this form for the final assessment of the NQT.
Statutory Guidelines for NQT Assessment – Last updated by the DfE April 2018
The Teachers Standards
NQT Evidence File – Use this document to help support your evidence of meeting the standards.