Getting to Grips with Phonics and SPAG in Year 2

Since the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014, our Year 2 team at Wellfield Nursery and Infant School have been developing innovative ways to teach children phonics and SPAG so that they cover what is required whilst maintaining children’s enthusiasm for learning. Following the request of several Year 2 teachers who have visited our school to observe these lessons in action, we have put together a training day to share this practice with others.

This training will give teachers currently working in Year 2 a breakdown of how Phonics and SPAG can be addressed in a text-based curriculum. At Wellfield, we have used exciting, modern texts to approach the challenges of teaching Phase 5 and 6 phonic rules alongside the other spelling, punctuation and grammar rules for Year 2. We will share how we encourage children to apply these in their writing, and how using engaging books can bring out an enthusiasm for writing and spelling in reluctant writers.


Audience  :  Teachers currently working in Year 2

Date  :  21 January 2020

Time  :  9.30am – 3.00pm

Venue  :  Wellfield Infant and Nursery School, Church Lane, Sale, M33 5QW

Cost  :  £150 per person

Facilitated by  :  Cathy Graham, Headteacher at Wellfield Infant and Nursery School


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