Leading Learning

The Programme

A chance to:

  • Explore the evidence for a range of different strategies.
  • Plan for effective implementation and evaluation of new approaches including changes to curriculum.

We know that improving the quality of teaching in the classroom has the biggest impact on student outcomes. We also know that how we design and implement our curriculum is closely linked to the quality of teaching and learning.   To ensure we can continue to improve at a time of scarce resources, we need to focus on the quality of our CPD. The innovative programme provides a comprehensive overview of the most important research evidence in education, including the EEF Toolkit, so that school leaders can devise a high impact CPD programme (topics include metacognition, memory and mindset). The programme will support you with a range of evidence-based tools to help you to lead learning with success and to improve and evaluate your CPD programme.

Why take part in this programme?

  • To make evidence-informed decisions about improving teaching and learning
  • To gain a range of tools to implement evidence based CPD
  • To meet the DFE 2016 Teachers’ Professional Development Standards


Audience            :  School Leaders/CPD Leads, CPD leads across TSA’s and MATs, Primary, Secondary and Special School Leaders, Prospective FE, senior leaders, Specialist and Local Leaders of Education

Day 1: 3 March 2020

Day 2: 25 March 2020

Day 3: 25 June 2020

Investigating the evidence base for great teaching:
  • Unpack the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit
  • Interpret the latest research evidence for busy teachers
  • Transforming evidence into practice with useful case studies

Translating evidence to have high impact in the classroom:

  • Explore essential topics such as metacognition and memory

  • Support teachers with accessible approaches to evidence

  • Receive a bank of tools and resources for evidence-based CPD

Sustain high-impact practice through evidence-based CPD:
  • Action planning to run your own evidence-based CPD in 2019-20
  • Gain tools for effective evaluation of practice
  • Gain an insight into the effective dissemination of evidence

Times                    :  9.30am – 3.30pm

Venue                  :  Alexandra Park Primary School SK3 9RF

Cost                       :  £295 including lunch & refreshments

Facilitated by     :  Claire Williams, Lead of the Alexandra Park Associate Research School and Deputy Headteacher of Alexandra Park Primary School


TO BOOK             :  To book your place please email Rachel Swann at Aspirer via