Women Leading in Education events

We are really excited to be able to share with you that our Teaching School has successfully got through a bidding process to become a regional WLE Hub.  Leading the Hub network will be Lisa Fathers (our Director of Teaching School) and Melanie Wicks Headteacher at Wellacre Academy (partner school in our TSA).

Our aims are :

  • Raise the profile and importance of supporting women with their career within education
  • Identify and support more women with their career progression into leadership
  • Create local, regional and national networking opportunities to share experiences, such as job sharing and flexible working
  • Create the potential for development through coaching, mentoring and group discussions to raise aspirations
  • Challenge myths and self-limiting beliefs
  • Take an active role in supporting the Coaching Pledge
  • Work with other providers e.g. WomenEd to maximize opportunities for women


Meet & Match Coaching event – 22 November 2018 

Do you have a coach?  If not, you could be limiting your career success. That’s because coaches can help you to identify and focus on what’s important ……….. which in turn can help accelerate your success.

So whether you are looking for a personal transformation or a career role transition why not come along to our Meet & Match Coaching event at Wellacre Academy on 22 Nov to find out more about how coaching can help you and speak to our portfolio of trained coaches.

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Meet & Match Coaching Event