Whole School Approaches to a Resilience and Mental Health Toolkit

Resilience is a key buzz word in education at the moment and this course offers the space to explore the implications of this and the scope there exists to improve the lives of young people and the adults who work with them.

This course takes the positive approach that resilience is a human trait, that, if not immediately apparent, can be nurtured and cultivated, hence this day / twilight training session is highly experiential.      

Ideal for schools and other establishments who may just be embarking on their work in this area, or for schools well on the way with their resilience offer.



Training Dates & Times

Venue              :           Altrincham Grammar School for Girls

Time                :           9.30am – 4.00pm

Dates               :           14 December 2017


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The Cost

£165.00 per person



The Aims

The core aims of the programme are to:

  • To empower participants with the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and CONFIDENCE of how to establish/enhance a whole school approach to resilience that can be put into IMMEDIATE EFFECT in a manner which is both gentle and low cost.
  • To demonstrate how all individuals in the school community can take responsibility for their own wellbeing.
  • To offer a range of PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES and tools, rooted in PSYCHOLOGICAL research and MINDFULNESS principles to help pupils and staff develop emotional balance.
  • To give time to personally trial and reflect upon the methods suggested to nurture good mental health.
  • To demonstrate how resilience training can be fed into existing school practices.