Massage in Schools

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is an international movement which works with the schools, teachers and children to offer a high quality, inclusive, peer-to-peer massage programme for 4-12 year olds that can be used creatively within all curriculum areas.

MISP supports positive mental health and wellbeing, PSHE, SMSC, SRE, British Values and Prevent.


How it works

  • A fun, daily, 10-15 minute adult-led peer massage routine
  • Massage is given only by children, to other children
  • Massage is given over clothe and only to the back, neck, head, arms and hands
  • Received and given only with the child’s permission
  • MISP is an inclusive programme for children aged 4-12
  • MISP encourages learning through positive touch games and activities and by creating massage stories
  • MISP is suitable as a classroom activity or in other child-centered environments, like after school clubs


Benefits for children, teachers and their schools

  • Creates a safe and happy learning environment
  • Helps develop concentration and memory
  • Fosters physical development through creative, kinesthetic motor skills
  • Develops respect for others and increases social inclusion and empathy
  • Enables children to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch
  • Has resulted in a significant reduction in bullying and aggression
  • An inclusive activity enjoyed by children that engages with the diverse needs of all pupils
  • Enhances a school’s mission statement and ethos


 Training Dates & Times

This course is now full.  We will release dates the academic year of 2019/2020 in April 2019 so please do check back for more information.


The Cost

£300.00 per person


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