Mindfulness Pupil .b

Our Pupil Mindfulness .b course consists of nine 45-60min sessions and follows the .b curriculum (Mindfulness in Schools project).

Aimed at young people aged 11-18, the sessions are delivered in the classroom or in small groups within other youth-related settings.  The Pupil Mindfulness .b course has primarily been designed for use in the classroom with what we would call ‘conscript’ audiences for 11-18 year olds.


Programme structure

Nine sessions each lasting approximately 45mins – 60mins.

Course aims

.b intends to help the young people who experience it to overcome difficulties, thrive and flourish – and the research that has taken place into its effectiveness suggests it does indeed have the potential to meet these more ambitious goals.  Our Pupil Mindfulness .b aims to help young people:

  • To experience greater well-being (e.g. feel happier, calmer, more fulfilled)
  • To fulfill their potential and pursue their own goals e.g. be more creative, more relaxed, academically, personally
  • To improve their concentration and focus, in classes, in exams and tests, on the sports field, when playing games, when paying attention and listening to others
  • To work with difficult mental states such as depressive, ruminative and anxious thoughts and low moods
  • To cope with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life such as exams, relationships, sleep problems, family issues

Training Dates and Times

Please contact us to discuss a date, time and venue to suit your requirements.


£1100.00 for up to 30 students