Singapore Maths Network Workshops

The Alliance for Learning in conjunction with NW1 Maths Hub will be offering 4 half day workshops to support the continuing implementation and development of Singapore Maths.

Each of the workshops will have focus areas and will address the topical issues associated with Singapore Maths. The workshops will be highly collaborative and will give practitioners an opportunity to share best practice and examples of successful teaching in their schools.

There will also be an opportunity for attendees to contribute to the agenda and focus areas of subsequent workshops.

The workshops would be best suited for maths leads or members of the leadership team as, as well as looking at best classroom practice, topics will covr the strategic implementation and development of Singapore Maths.

Based on the feedback from the 2016-2017 Singapore Network Group, four key areas were prioritised: SEN Differentiation, Assessment, EYFS/KS1 Specific Session, KS2 Specific Session. These will be the four key areas of development for the Singapore Network throughout 2017 – 2018. Other topics such as change management and formal moderation (Local Authority and Ofsted) and showing clear progress through case studies will also be covered in the workshops.


Training Dates and Times (2017/2018)

Workshop 3 – EYFS/KS1 Specific Session (28.2.18 from 1.00-4.00pm)

St Marys Primary School, Adscombe Street, Manchester, M16 7AQ

During the session focusing on EYFS and KS1, we will be spending time developing:

  • The earliest mathematical concepts, ensuring that they are well understood and embedded.
  • The non-negotiables that we expect every children to achieve at the end of Reception and Year 2.
  • The transition from concrete material use through to abstract and the associated assessment strategies.
  • The transition from counting to part-whole strategies in Key Stage 1.
  • Steps schools can take to meet the government’s recommendation of a ‘seamless transition’ between Reception and Year 1.
  • The understanding of how the concepts learned in the Foundation Stage and KS1 are evident in the mathematics of KS2.

We would ask that participants bring examples from their school of journals, developing counting and part-whole strategies and examples of good practice.


Workshop 4 – KS2 Specific Session (28.3.18 from 1.00-4.00pm)

Lewis Street Primary School, Manchester, M30 0PU

More details to follow on focus / content of the workshop



FREE to Singapore Network members. £50.00 per workshop, per person for all other delegates

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