Teaching Assistant and Teacher Webinars

In partnership with Oasis Innovation Teaching School, we are pleased to present a series of webinars designed specifically for Teaching Assistants and classroom support staff, who play such a valuable role in supporting children with their learning.

These sessions will also be beneficial for class teachers, and all staff who work with children.

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Reading for Pleasure

5.   What is reading for pleasure?

6.   Inspiring a love of reading remotely

7.   Creating a curriculum that integrates reading for pleasure and reading instruction

8.   Working with parents and carers in an equitable way 

This is a new Webinar for teachers and teaching assistants

23rd Feb. (4:00-4:45pm)

Questioning for Comprehension

5.   Who asks the questions? Teacher or reader?

6.   On the lines, between the lines and off the lines

7.   Exploring the strategy of questioning to develop the skill of inference making, both in-person and remotely

8.   Evaluating the quality of questions to check for understanding

This is a new Webinar for teachers and teaching assistants

2nd Mar. (4:00-4:45pm)

Teaching Struggling Readers

1.   Defining reading

2.   Using cognitive to science to improve reading instruction

3.   Some structures and strategies for success, both in person and remotely

This is a new Webinar specifically for teaching assistants

9th Mar. (4:00-4:45pm)