Secondary Maths Subject Specialism Training

This fully funded training has been designed to increase the number of teachers of secondary mathematics and is open to anyone currently teaching who is keen to develop their skills as a potential teacher of mathematics or for colleague who are currently teaching Key Stage 3 or 4 mathematics outside their subject specialism.  It is also available to teachers looking to return to the profession.  To check your eligibility, please visit the DfE website

TSST training is delivered by Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in conjunction with the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) at Plymouth University.
This training follows a blended learning approach of face-to-face meetings for key subject knowledge concepts and for enhancing pedagogy and e-learning for detailed subject knowledge enhancement and online assessment. The aims of these courses are to:

  • enhance participants’ mathematical knowledge to give confidence to teach up to and including Higher Level GCSE Mathematics;
  • inspire and enthuse teachers;
  • provide motivating introductory activities, tasks and presentations for teaching mathematics

Appropriate test scores in the online assessment result in a Certificate of Mathematical Mastery awarded at Pass Level (60% – 74%), Merit (75% – 90%) and Distinction (over 90%) provided the average score on each strand has reached 50%. These certificates have proved valuable, particularly at secondary level for those changing their teaching discipline to mathematics.

Further details

e-Learning modules

There are TWO levels of assessment: Foundation Tier GCSE and Higher Tier GCSE.
Any Units or sections marked with a star* are not on the Foundation Tier but are included on the Higher Tier. Participants can choose to answer all the questions and decide at the end of the course to be assessed for either Foundation or Higher level, depending on their results. If a participant decides from the start that they would prefer to be assessed at only the Foundation level, they should ignore the starred Units and sections.
In the Assessment Tests, participants can answer each question and SUBMIT it for instant marking. If correct, this will be saved towards their assessment statistics; if incorrect, their answer will be shown in RED and they will be allowed an unlimited number of attempts to answer correctly.

The e-learning provision has Strands, Units and Sections. You can see all the resources, except those that require a login and password, at:

Each Unit includes:

Background to the topic and historical and/or contextual notes
Introductory Problems
Used to introduce the topic either online or in tutor-led meetings
Online Audit for each Section (multi-choice)
This provides questions on each of the sections so that participants can check to see if their knowledge is secure and if it is, move directly to the assessment questions
Text and answers
Conventional non-interactive resources with worked examples and exercises
Interactive Text
“Show me” facility for worked examples and with answers to exercises checked and corrected
Multiple Choice Questions
Require log-in facility and used for participants to clarify and check that they have understood key aspects of the topic; these questions are not part of the assessment
Assessment Tests
Again with log-in.  These tests cover the assessment of all topics and have the facility for the student to correct wrong answers. The assessment is based on achievement on the questions in these tests.

Face-to-face learning

The face to face session are designed to allow participants to reflect on how to put their mathematical knowledge and learning into practice. These session will look at resources and approaches to teaching as well as considering typical misconceptions. The session will also give participants the opportunity to discuss their learning with subject experts.

Training Dates

The 3 day training programme can either be attended in Bury or Manchester. Participants will be able to attend the most suitable location.  Confirmed dates are given below:


  • Day 1 – 19th November 2019, at Derby High School (BL9 9NH)
  • Day 2 – 10th March 2020, at Derby High School (BL9 9NH)
  • Day 3 – 10th July 2020 at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (WA14 2NL)

All sessions will be full days.


  • Day 1 – 26th November 2019, at St Mary’s Primary School (M16 7AQ)
  • Day 2 – 11th March 2020, at St Mary’s Primary School (M16 7AQ)
  • Day 3 – 10th July 2020, at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (WA14 2NL)

All sessions will be full days.

Apply now

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