Developing Your Classroom Presence

Do you have classroom presence? Classroom presence is the most important aspect of classroom management.

This FREE 2 hour session for trainee teachers and NQTs looks at how a presence in the classroom is a crucial quality that helps you project confidence and inspire others to feel confident in your ability to teach.

This course looks at the professional characteristics of a ‘good’ teacher and how to identify and ‘take on’ that role. Effective teachers know how to ‘play the part’ but to some this may appear unattainable. Recognising that presence is a key factor in the day to day success in the classroom and that not all of us are naturally aware of how to create it, this is not a course full of role play but practical, hands on guidance and advice that will provide the tools to become a more confident and effective classroom manager and teacher.

Outcomes for Delegates:

  • To develop confidence and presence in the classroom in order to improve Teaching and Learning. 
  • To understand that we are all ‘actors’ in the classroom. 
  • To identify that classroom presence can be taught in order to improve T and L through effective classroom management. 
  • To identify what makes good and effective communications and presentation skills; working with the voice and body to ‘give off’ the right message. 
  • To have the opportunity to discuss and devise a portfolio of classroom management strategies 


Date     :  7th OR 9th July 2020

Time    :  10.00am – 12.00pm

Venue    :  Online via Zoom 


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