Kagan Co-operative Learning Training

Do you want to raise student achievement? Reach every student? Want a practical ‘do-it-tomorrow’ guide that incorporates all the latest findings to motivate students? Then join us at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Manchester! If you have not attended a Kagan workshop before this is the place to start.

Especially powerful for secondary teachers teaching 1-2 hour block lessons and for primary teachers wishing to increase engagement, boost SAT scores and reduce the achievement gap.

Build powerful learning teams in your classroom. Use Kagan methods for team formation, teambuilding, classbuilding, management, knowledgebuilding, higher-level thinking, and social skills. Finally a workshop that has practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory.


In this T2TUK/KaganUK workshop you will learn how to raise academic achievement and improve student social skills with Kagan Structures: simple, research-based instructional strategies that make learning more active and interactive. You will learn easy ways to use Kagan Structures as a part of every lesson, creating greater engagement, deeper understanding of the content, improved retention and greater liking for class and content. You will learn to master the Seven Keys to Cooperative Learning including Team Formation, Building Will, Classroom Management Techniques, Embedded Social Skills, PIES Principles, and Structures! If you want more fun in teaching, highly engaged students who love your classroom, and higher test scores this workshop is for you!


Workshop Highlights

Structures for Success

  • Save valuable time and energy with easy-to-use structures that make lesson planning easy.
  • Engage all students throughout each lesson with NEW cooperative learning.
  • Lessen your load, make teaching easier, and boost students’ achievement!

Manage Your Class for Success

  • Increase learning and decrease discipline problems.
  • Arrange your classroom for success.
  • Keep students on task, and effectively manage disruptions with engaging structures.

Create a Caring, Cooperative Class

  • Create a positive learning environment through fun and easy classbuilding activities.
  • Improve class atmosphere and students’ liking for class and school.
  • Boost students’ self-esteem.

Solve Common Problems

  • Experience why group work doesn’t work.
  • Apply ‘PIES’ (CL principles) to create powerful learning teams.
  • Create success for all by eliminating “hitchhiking”.
  • Learn how to generate intrinsic motivation.


Training Dates & Times

Venue  :           Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, WA14 2NL

Time    :           9.00am – 4.00pm

Date    :           4 December 2018


The Cost

£160 per person



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