Trafford Teaching Schools Collaborative Offer (ITP & OTP)

The OLEVI Teaching and Learning Programmes are now well established and highly valued CPD opportunities. The local Teaching Schools, all of which are experienced, licensed providers of OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programme) and ITP (Improving Teacher Programme), have collaborated to offer a uniquely diverse and rich experience.

Each Programme will be delivered at several venues, providing a broader and deeper perspective for participants. The same Lead Facilitator will deliver each programme to provide a stable learning platform for the group.

Five of the Trafford Teaching Schools offer and advertise the Summer 2017 programmes outlined below through their accustomed channels. Applicants can book a place with any school, who will provide their usual administrative support. Prior to each programme commencing, participants will be provided with all the necessary details collectively.


Training Dates and Times

Please click the link to view the timetable:  Trafford Teaching Schools Collaborative OTP and ITP Summer 2017

Closing date for all applications is 2 weeks prior to the start of the course


£575.00 per person (ITP)
£615.00 per person (OTP)

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