Developing subject knowledge for teaching – the Japanese way

An opportunity to join the Collaborative Lesson Research group in exploring the Japanese approach to building mathematical subject knowledge for teaching.

Over these two days, with a focus on developing pupils’ understanding of algebra, attendees will use a Japanese approach to deepen subject knowledge for teaching, anticipating pupil misconceptions and designing lessons to tackle them in the classroom.

For all year 6 and 7 teachers of mathematics, Mathematics Leaders, Heads of Department, Maths SLEs and Lead Practitioners.

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Date, Time and Venue:

Friday 13 July and 28 September 2018, 11am – 4.30pm

The University of Manchester, £200


These days will be led by experts in the mathematics field including:

  •  Rosa Archer, Manchester University
  •  Dr Sachi Hatakenaka, Bowland Maths
  •  Rachael Horsman, Cambridge Mathematics
  •  Matt Lewis, NAMA
  •  Professor Geoff Wake, Nottingham University


Day one: participants will work alongside experienced mathematics educators to engage with research into the teaching and learning of algebra, exploring the challenges pupils face and what is known from the evidence-base about effective teaching strategies. They will apply this understanding to a close study of a mathematical task and activity, and work in collaborative groups to design a lesson proposal for research in their own settings.

Day two: participants will report back on the experience of using these collaboratively planned lessons with their own classes and with colleagues in their own settings. Mathematics education experts will support participants to relate their lesson reflections to findings from the wider field of mathematics teaching and learning. Implications for teaching beyond this strand of mathematics and for supporting colleagues to deepen their mathematical teaching knowledge will be explored.