Diagnostics – Assessing & Addressing Children’s Difficulties with Mathematics

This course will look at a range of materials and practical activities to help teachers to assess and address children’s difficulties with the number aspects of the mathematics curriculum. The course is organised into two sessions with sufficient time between them to enable teachers to conduct some work in school that will form the basis for discussion and follow up in the second session.Maths

The Aims

  • To explore the development of children’s  number knowledge and strategies to solve numerical problems
  • To familiarise teachers with some of the materials available to support the diagnosis of difficulties with number work and the planning of programmes to address these difficulties. These will include:
    • Diagnostic interviews from the New Zealand Numeracy Project designed to assess children’s conceptual stages in mathematics
    • The NZ Ministry of Education’s Number Framework
    • Programmes and approaches designed specifically to address core mathematical understanding
  • To look in detail at some of the diagnostic materials provided by these programmes
  • To consider practical resources and activities that can be used to support diagnosis and address children’s difficulties.


The Audience

This course will be appropriate for mathematics subject leaders, SENCOs and teachers of children who have difficulty with number work in Key Stage 1 or 2.


Training Dates & Times

Dates    :              1st March and 24th May 2018

Times    :              8.45am for a 9.00am start and ends at 3.00pm

Venue  :               Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


The Cost


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