Improving A-level Maths Pedagogy

As part of a national programme, this is an exciting new opportunity to join a Level 3 workgroup to improve A-level Mathematics in the North West.

The aim of the workgroup is to support whole departments improving A-level Mathematics teaching and learning. This will be a massive opportunity to network with other A-level Mathematics departments and to get to grips with the new A- levels and how we can best deliver them.
In 2018-19 there will be four days throughout the year, the first meeting will be held at Xaverian Sixth Form College on 19 October, the session will start at 9.30am and finish at 3.30pm with lunch provided.
Workgroups will come together around the following themes:

  •  Day 1: Leading A level teaching and learning across your department – October 19th
     Day 2: Embedding OT1 and developing students’ comprehension and critiquing skills (Nov-Jan – date tbc)
     Day 3: Embedding OT2 and making links across topics (Mar-Jun – date tbc)
     Day 4: Embedding OT3 and integrating mechanics and statistics alongside pure maths (Mar-Jun – date tbc)
    While these days have a specific focus, the direction and content will be heavily determined by the needs and interests of those involved in the workgroups.

The emphasis is on departmental involvement so it does not require the same person attending all 4 sessions, although some continuity is helpful. Ideally the first session would be attended by the head of department or someone with leadership responsibility within the department.