The North West Regional Level 3 Maths Conference

A free event for teachers and leaders of post 16 mathematics in schools, Sixth Forms and FE Colleges – Tuesday 3rd July at Xaverian SFC

The Programme

The conference is an opportunity to help you ensure that your institution is equipped to meet the challenges we face in Post 16 Mathematics and to inform you about the best practice and support that is available in our region. There will be a morning and afternoon session and delegates can choose to attend any one or both parts of the day.

Morning Conference (9:30 – 12:45)

The morning session will include a keynote from Bernard Murphy with news on the new Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. Optional workshops then follow:-

  •  RME a new approach to teaching GCSE resit
  •  Core Maths – how to start and how your hub can support you
  •  The Use of Technology for the new Maths A Level
  •  A Level Statistics – Why it should be part of your curriculum and what support is available to help you start
  •  Teaching for Mastery – What’s happening in the wider mathematics curriculum and what you need to know about it
  •  SLT/HoDs Q&A – your chance to ask questions/get advice on anything that’s worrying you


Afternoon Workshops (13:30 – 15:30)

  •  RME Making Sense of Maths for GCSE resit Alumni summer meeting (click here to book)
  •  NW1 Core Maths network summer meeting (click here to book)
  •  Use of Technology Alumni summer meeting (click here to book)
  •      NW A Level Statistics network meeting (click here to book)
  •      Post 16 Maths ‘Teach Meet’ – share ideas/discuss common problems – open to everyone involved with KS5 provision. The content of this session will be dictated by the interests and concerns of those who attend and will provide the opportunity to cover in more depth some of the ideas presented earlier in the morning as well as simply finding out how other institutions are doing things and why (click here to book)
  •      A Level Maths Pedagogy – The intention for 2018-19 is to have a NW Work Group focusing on improving A level Maths pedagogy across departments, working alongside the AMSP. There will be four one-day sessions; the first for KS5 coordinators to reflect on their vision for their department, and one on embedding each of the three overarching themes. Please come along to learn more and influence the design (click here to book)

How to Book

To attend the full day conference (including lunch) please click here. We will then follow up separately to reserve your workshop choices.

To attend the morning conference only (9.30am-12.45pm) click here

To attend a specific afternoon workshop only (detailed above) please register using the link alongside each workshop

Who Should Attend?

The morning conference and optional sessions are particularly pertinent for those involved in the leadership of post 16 maths but we hope that anyone involved in post 16 maths teaching will find that there is something useful and thought provoking as you prepare for September 2018

Delegates are welcome to attend just the morning, the afternoon or all day depending on their interests and availability.

If you would like any more information about any of the sessions please contact Emma Soper