Get Set For The 2017 Maths A Levels

Are you ready for September? Do not miss out on this programme of four one-day courses at the University of Manchester. Each title works as a standalone course, offering you the flexibility to focus in on particular aspects of the new A levels or attend all four and gain a broad overview of the changes. Together, the four titles provide comprehensive guidance and preparation, helping you to feel ready for the change, no matter which specification you teach:

Principles of the new mathematics A levels – 5th May 2017

Discover the impact the new A levels will have on teaching, including modelling, problem solving, proof, and a linear scheme of work.

Mechanics – 16th May 2017

Aimed at those who haven’t taught mechanics, this introduces the main mechanics topics in the new A levels.

Statistics – 5th June 2017

Suitable for all teachers, this looks at the change in emphasis in the main statistics topics in the new A levels.

Effective use of technology in the new maths A levels, including the large data set – 7th September 2017

Explore the use of technology in the classroom, including graphing software and large data sets, as required by the new A levels.

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For more information or to enrol, please visit the 2017 A level professional development page of the MEI website.