Teaching Advanced Maths (TAM)

The Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM) course has been designed to support teachers of GCSE mathematics who wish to teach A level mathematics for the first time. Many teachers with A level teaching experience have enrolled on the course, often on the recommendation of colleagues who have completed TAM, to deepen their subject knowledge and gain new ideas for teaching.

One of the main feature of this course is that the course days are spread across the academic year, which each having a combination of:

  • subject knowledge sessions where the focus is on deepening participants’ understanding of mathematics;
  • example lessons where the focus is on pedagogy;
  • facilitated reflections on these sessions.


Training Dates and Times

Day 1: Friday 8th July 2016
Day 2: Tuesday 27th September 2016
Day 3&4: Wednesday 23rd November 2016 & Thursday 24th November 2016
Day 5&6: Friday 10th March 2017 & Saturday 11th March 2017
Day 7&8: Monday 19th June 2017 & Tuesday 20th June 2017
Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


£600.00 per person

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Course aims

  • To improve the maths subject knowledge of GCSE mathematics teachers to deepen their subject knowledge and gain new ideas for teaching A Level mathematics

For further details or to book a place on this course please do contact MEI direct at or email