Race and Diversity Hub

Urgent action is needed to address widespread stereotyping, discrimination and the fear and violence caused by racism.

Racism will not be addressed without positive action and we need to talk openly and candidly about racism and the social division and harmful stereotyping it creates for our BAME colleagues and students.  

Our trust’s underpinning value of ‘community’ reflects our commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity in all that we do. Fundamental to our work as a teaching school is deep collaboration; we draw strength by genuinely working together.

On 25th May, 2020, an African-American man named George Floyd, died in Minneapolis, USA.  He was handcuffed and lying face down on the street during an arrest by four police officers. We condemn acts of violence and hate crimes perpetrated against people from the black and minority ethnic communities and we are committed as a teaching school to working together to tackle racism closer to home. We know many children and young people in our schools have seen the footage in the media and are asking why this man had to die. Our children and young people from all ethnic groups will already have named this killing as an act of racism.

These events and questions reach our classrooms.  What do we do about this? We have to be prepared to talk about the difficult subjects and we want you to feel confident with these topics. The responsibility to educate is one for us all – individually and collectively. This includes exploring and understanding our own standpoints.

As a Teaching School, we are deeply committed to increasing awareness of the issues around racial and cultural diversity in education.  Our Race & Diversity Hub works hard to organise staff training and signpost to useful resources/publications. 

We work closely with the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality (CRED). CRED is part of Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University and was established to undertake research related to race and racism in education.  We are delighted to announce that our Director of Teaching School and Partnerships, Lisa Fathers has been approved as a Professional Associate of CRED.

We also work closely with the Chartered College and they have pledged to be a more active ally to colleagues within our Black, Asian and Minority ethnic communities.

We are working  with our partners to ensure we continue to encourage more aspirant BAME leaders onto our training and in our SLE team.

We are fully committed to reviewing our work in Initial Teacher Training to build more work in on anti-racist strategies and also to encourage more diversity in the teaching profession through our teacher recruitment.

We are also working to ensure our CPD offer addresses diversity and anti-racism in our work.

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