Race & Diversity Panel Discussion

The tragic death – the killing – of George Floyd, along with the events and debate that have filled the weeks since, have highlighted again the ongoing and deep-rooted structural racism, injustice and inequality that plague our society.

As a teaching school with a core purpose around improving education, supporting schools and impacting on CYP we believe we are well placed to keep this conversation going.

Racism is the complex system of privilege and legacy, advantage and disadvantage, power and poverty. It is explicit and implicit. It is conscious and unconscious.

There are some shocking statistics that although children of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage make up a third of the national school population, only five percent of senior leadership posts – assistant heads, deputy heads and heads – are from this background.

Black leaders make up only one percent of all senior leadership posts in education. If we do not give our children and young people role models what are we doing?

It is time to own this issue, time to make a change. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Join us for a lively conversation:

Date:  15 July 2020

Time:  4.00pm – 5.00pm

Platform:  Zoom


Lisa Fathers will host a discussion with some fabulous colleagues – please click to view bios:

Diane Modahl (MBE) 

Professor Vini Lander (CRED Leeds Beckett)

Rachel Redmond (Youth Sport Trust)

Kemoy Walker (KYSO Trust)


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