Science And Sustainability


60 students from AGGS spent 9 months investigating the problems posed locally and globally by issues relating to sustainability, and the steps that   Scientists and Engineers from Universities, business and industry are taking to find solutions. They formed links with a school in Singapore who were looking at similar issues in their own country and two of their teachers delivered a presentation on these issues to our students. Students looked into issues such as “How can we feed the rapidly growing population?”, “What are the impacts of carrying out micro-sustainability in our own homes in Manchester?” and “Water – a sea of problems.”

During the course of their research, students thought deep and hard about current problems and confronted the challenging issues that will face society in the future. They posed questions which are normally well outside the confines of the syllabus, and thought about problems which will affect the world in years to come. They   discussed these issues with professionals, visited places, conducted experiments, attended a one day academic conference and created their own academic posters which were judged by external experts.  Finally, on 14th and 15th March, they celebrated National Science and Engineering week by presenting their findings to a panel of expert judges from the world of academia, professional organisations and industry.


The judges were impressed with the depth and breadth o f their knowledge, and researcher, Pete Bickerton, from the University of Manchester‘s Life Sciences Department commented, “I greatly enjoyed the presentations. Every single student involved had obviously committed a lot of time and dedication to their respective projects.  I was particularly pleased with the depth of knowledge that was presented, and I have rarely seen such a confident group of speakers from a school – particularly considering some of the girls were only in year 10!  A couple of the presentations in particular would not have been out of place as a plenary talk at a science conference”.  All students won the Gold Crest Award.