Subject Knowledge and Curriculum Support for ECT

As an early career teacher subject knowledge is likely to be secure but as your curriculum area will undoubtedly cover a wide breadth of the subject field, some NQTs/RQTs might find there are gaps in their knowledge or feel unsure of how to apply such subject knowledge when planning for well-structured and engaging lessons. Yet subject knowledge is one of the Teacher Standards, with teachers acting as the experts in the field regarding their subject areas. Teachers need to be confident that they can challenge misconceptions around the topic area, and know how to deepen thinking through stretch and challenge to allow for the secure teaching of subject knowledge to support pupils in their own learning development.

As early career teachers NQTs/RQTs will enter the profession with a variety of starting points regarding their subject knowledge. We can offer personalised support in a number of subject areas for early career teachers who wish to seek further support in the area.

Examples of support:

  • Planning for a practical in Science
  • Planning for learning outside the classroom
  • Planning field work, (humanities subjects)
  • Mathematical problem solving (across subject areas)
  • Developing a scheme of work/series of progressive lesson plans
  • Planning for SEND and other targeted intervention groups
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Numeracy across the curriculum

We cover a range of secondary school subject areas:

·         Art

·         EAL

·         English

·         Food Technology

·         Humanities (Geography, History, RE

·         ICT

·         Maths

·         MFL

·         Music

·         PE

·         PSHE & Citizenship

·         Science

We also have a range of expert SLEs in the Primary age phase that cover the core curriculum, the foundation subjects including Modern Languages and Physical Education; this can be key stage 1 or 2 specific.