Coaching Phase 1 – Foundation

A programme for those who are seeking to develop their expertise and experience in coaching within a small group environment.

Coaching is one of the key ways to promote better levels of organisational effectiveness within schools. It can increase confidence, motivate staff and develop core leadership skills. It is open to all staff working within an educational establishment.

The programme runs over three full day sessions and is delivered by an external consultant, Dr Paul Simmons.  The Alliance for Learning have been working with Paul since 2011 and really value our partnership.  Paul is an experienced, Executive Coach and member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Over a number of years at the University of Manchester, he led on the research and development of coaching for leading in education. Most of his work now is with schools and colleges, helping to develop coaching expertise and culture. Paul has worked as a teacher, governor, examiner, county advisor and Registered Inspector of Schools.

Audience  :  Leaders in education at all levels wanting to develop their own leadership potential and that of others

Date Option 1:  Wednesday 13th October, Thursday 14th October and Wednesday 24th November

Date Option 2:  Wednesday 2nd February, Thursday 3rd February and Thursday 3rd March 2022

Date Option 3:  Monday 20th June, Tuesday 21st June and Wednesday 6th July 2022

Time  :  9.00am – 4.00pm

Venue  :  Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Cavendish Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2NL

Cost  :  £560 per person

Facilitated by  :  Paul Simmons

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Programme structure

The programme runs over three full day sessions.  It is delivered by an external consultant, Dr Paul Simmons, a leading coaching practitioner and facilitator.

This course forms part of our coaching pathway – a trilogy of courses that can be accessed in the following order:

Phase 1          –            Foundation Coaching

Phase 2         –            Coaching in Context

Phase 3         –              Higher Level Coaching

Course aims

Part 1 focuses on specific outcomes in terms of your skills, knowledge and understanding:

    • being able to work with a range of Coaching styles and approaches for different purposes
    • understanding the place of emotional intelligence in the human interactions and processes of the workplace
    • being able to improve such processes
    • being able to help with the performance, learning and development of others
    • being able to apply highly-developed skills of listening, attending, enabling and challenging
    • developing professional reflection, learning and enquiry

What does it involve?

The coaching training involves individual, partner and group working on coaching theory and models. Participants are offered guided and structured coaching skills development in small groups and are given first-hand experience of working with a coach. Opportunities are provided for developing observation and feedback skills, and reflective practice is encouraged.

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