National Professional Qualification For Middle Leadership (NPQML)

We have partnered with Ambition Institute through their national Alliance to deliver National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). You can find out more about Ambition Institute and this Alliance by visiting their website.

Ambition Institute are the NPQ licence holder and are accountable for all NPQ provision under the terms of their licence, including that provided by us as a member of this Alliance. As a provider of NPQs through this Alliance, we work closely with Ambition to ensure that we meet all of the necessary requirements and metrics as set out by the Department for Education and as per the terms of Ambition’s licence. This is to ensure the quality and consistency of these qualifications at a national level. You can find details of these requirements and metrics here, as well as current performance against them on Ambition’s website. As a partner we contribute to the overall performance of Ambition Institute against these requirements and metrics and so the performance data shared here is reflective of Ambition’s own NPQ provision, as well as that of each and all partners in their Alliance including ours, on aggregate.

More information about our partnership can be found by accessing their Transparency Partner Guidance document


The programme

The NPQML is designed to help those aspiring to, or currently performing within, middle leadership roles, with an aim to enhance their performance and leadership skills in leading a team. The programme equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the NPQML qualification.

The core components of the NPQML programme are as follows:

  • 6 face-to-face, facilitated training sessions (half day);
  • 360 tool for self-evaluation against core leadership competencies;
  • 1 school improvement project (over at least 2 terms) and submit a written assignment for assessment within 18 months of the programme start date.

The NPQML curriculum covers 6 competency areas which are assessed over one written assignment. You can find more detail about these here.

  • Strategy and improvement
  • Teaching and curriculum excellence
  • Leading with impact
  • Working in partnership
  • Managing resources and risks
  • Increasing capability

Please see the NPQ Content and Assessment Framework for more detail about your chosen NPQ, including assignments and placements.

To support you in the completion of your chosen NPQ our offer includes as standard:

• Expert-designed curriculum, content and resources which align to the required leadership behaviours and competencies, provided by Ambition Institute

• Minimum 18 hours of face-to-face, facilitated training delivered over at least two terms (but no more than 18 months)

• Two 360° reviews (at the beginning and end of the programme)

• Option of a Viva

• A network of peers and relevant experts

• Assessment support and full assessment of your final submission

• Trained and quality assured facilitators of whom at least 50% are serving school leaders


This programme is suitable for:

  • Teachers who are aspiring to middle leadership and who meet the following eligibility criteria:
      • Likely to be in a middle leadership role in the next 12-18 months
      • Have completed at least one year of full-time teaching
  • Those currently in middle leadership roles who fit within the guidance below:
  • In secondary schools, middle leaders will have roles such as head of department, head of year or a whole-school lead role (for example, SEN), or second in charge of a department or pastoral area
  • In primary schools, middle leaders will have roles such as phase leaders; key stage leaders or a whole-school lead role (for example, literacy)
  • If the middle leader is aspiring to senior leadership, or currently serves on the senior leadership team, this person may be more suited to the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders

For both aspiring and serving middle leaders to receive their qualification, they will need to be able to complete the project element of this qualification successfully. This is to lead an improvement project in their team, lasting at least two terms, aimed at improving pupil progress and attainment and the capability of their team. It is essential that the school understands this element of the programme, and the support that will be required of them, when they are placing participants on the programme.

For more details on the Ambition Institute NPQ Alliance please click here.

Course Booking

Audience  :  Aspirant middle leaders or middle leaders in early years, primary or secondary settings

Date  : Dates for 2021/22 tbc

Time  :  1:30pm – 4:30pm each session

Cohort :  Maximum 29 people per cohort

Venue  :  Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Cavendish Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2NL

Cost  :  £1200 including assessment fee

Facilitated by  :  Jenny Ogunmyiwa and Catherine Russell


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Ambition Institute Policies

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