Educational Psychologist

The Alliance for Learning Child and Educational Psychologist (Dr Jude Joughin) can support children and young people (aged 2 – 19) who are experiencing difficulties that are preventing them from achieving their potential.

Jude offers a variety of educational psychology services including:

  • Assessment
  • Interventions (advice or direct work)
  • Consultation and advice to school support staff
  • Work with parents / carers
  • Training and development of staff
  • Whole school development programmes
  • Supervision to staff
  • Advice on policy and procedure
  • Research projects

If your school is waiting a long time for this service then look no further.

Schools can commission as much or as little educational psychology support as is necessary, tailored to meet school needs and the needs of the pupils.

Prices start at £500 per full day inclusive of all costs.   Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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