Let’s Talk About Race 

A 2 hour online training session facilitated by Vini Lander, Professor of Race and Education at Leeds Beckett University in partnership with the Alliance for Learning.

This session will

  1. Develop participants knowledge and understanding about race and racism
  2. Support participants’ identification of their own starting points with respect to race and racism
  3. Develop participants to move from their identified starting points
  4. Support participants to identify actions to establish more inclusive institutional processes.
  5. Develop participants’ understanding of white privilege and how it manifests itself.
  6. Support participants to identify actions to decolonise the curriculum


Session Outline

  • Introduction
  • Starting points
  • The Context: terminology and statistics
  • Brief history of race in Britain
  • Some theory
  • Some research
  • Why do we need change?
  • Action and change
  • Questions and discussion

In preparation for the session, participants are asked to read these two articles – article 1 and article 2



Date    : Tuesday October 5th

Time    :  4.00 – 6.00pm

Via       :  Zoom

Cost     :  £35 per person

Speaker Biography – please click here to read more about Vini and her work.


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