Autism Awareness – Developing Provision for Pupils with Autism

If you are a teacher or work in a school we have a wealth of autism expertise to share with you, including practical tips on helping autistic children in your care.

Each autistic child and young person has individual needs and abilities. This course explores the challenges they may face and formal and informal ways you can help.

We will also talk about how they can benefit from more formal frameworks and strategies.

We will cover:

  • An introduction to autism
  • Supporting learning through communication and visuals
  • Understanding and supporting behaviour in children and young people with autism
  • Exploring the sensory needs of children and young people with autism including sensory processing difficulties
  • Communication friendly environments

Audience  :  Any teachers, teaching assistants/ pastoral/ HLTAs/ SALTs/ SLCNs

Date  : Dates for 2021/22 tbc

Time  :  9.30am – 4.00pm

Venue  :  Melland High School, Gorton Education Village, 50 Wembley Road, Manchester, M18 7DT

Cost  :  £90 per person

Facilitated by  :  Julie Barnett and Maree Jordan, Melland High School

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Julie Barnett is Vice Principal at Melland High School (Outstanding special school). Julie is also strategic lead for Outreach for Melland as a Specialist Support High School for Central and East Manchester and across Bright Futures Educational Trust.

Maree Jordan is Assistant Principal at Melland High School.  Julie and Maree support schools successfully through the SEND Diagnostic Review process supporting senior leaders, inclusion leads and SENCOs in identifying areas of strength and development, building capacity and improving outcomes for SEND students in mainstream schools.  Both are experienced in working with children and young people with autism and complex needs and they are involved in collaborative research with MENCAP into Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants.