Transgender Awareness Training

This course aims to help schools to become a more inclusive and empathetic environment for all, we will be particularly focusing on transgender people and the issues they face within the school environment.

We hope to better equip schools to embed quality resources into already established Relationships Education and wellbeing curriculums. Schools must protect their students and develop opportunities for all students to thrive.

This course will explore the wider concept of gender, how we effectively address this with our students and discuss how this impacts on young people’s wellbeing and also their relationships.


The Programme

The statistics speak volumes and tell us why support and training for schools in this area is so important.

  • Three in four LGBT pupils (77%) have never learnt about gender identity and what ‘transgender’ means at school
  • 64 per cent of transgender pupils – are bullied for being LGBT at school
  • Nearly one in ten transgender pupils (9%) are subjected to death threats at school

How we respond is so important:

  • Just four in ten (41%) report that their schools say transgender phobic bullying is wrong
  • Three in four LGBT pupils (77%) have never learnt about gender identity and what ‘transgender’ means at school
  • More than two in five transgender pupils (44%) say that staff at their school are not familiar with the term ‘transgender’ and what it means.
  • One in three transgender pupils (33%) are not able to be known by their preferred name at school, while three in five (58%) are not allowed to use the toilets they feel comfortable in.

All stats taken from the School Report 2017 – Stonewall

Let’s help change some of these stats by properly educating ourselves around misinformation, stigma and stereotypes and most importantly ensuring our schools are ready to support, nurture and educate all young people in this crucial aspect of relationships and wellbeing Education.


The Aims

  • To raise awareness of the issues transgender people face in schools.
  • Understand transgender issues that people may be facing in schools and develop an empathy around this.
  • Explore the legalities and the impact of the Equalities Act (2010) on transgender people in your school.
  • Action plan and explore resources and things you can do to make your school a more open and inclusive environment for all.

Audience  :  PSHE subject leaders/any teachers wishing to improve knowledge and understanding

Date  : Dates for 2021/22 tbc

Time  :  9.00am – 12:30pm

Venue  :  Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Cavendish Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 2NL

Cost  :  £60

Facilitated by  :  Paula Payne and Scott Davenport

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