Post Covid-19 School Recovery CPD Programme

Many schools and colleges have been slowly increasing numbers in a safe way in anticipation of a return to school. After a period of partial closure during lockdown, this will undoubtedly bring higher levels of anxiety for students, staff, parents and carers, among other health and wellbeing challenges as part of the transition period.

Our programme takes a holistic approach to dealing with some of the matters that each group will face due to the Coronavirus pandemic, including:

• Increased levels of anxiety.

• Facing loss or bereavement and grief.

• How to encourage positive wellbeing and practice self-care.

• How to how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue (from a whole-school perspective).

• Understanding how transitions may impact on students and how we can help them settle back into school.

• How to validate children and young people’s emotions and use behaviour management strategies to create opportunities for long term-solutions for wellbeing and resilience.

Supporting students through the transition period into the ‘new normal’ will increase the need for pastoral support, safeguarding and wellbeing services, but there will also be a growing need to focus on staff who will require higher levels of patience and flexibility to offer emotional support. Having to focus on these qualities for an extended period, may bring additional trials such as stress and potential burn out for education staff.


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