Recover & Return to School

What will life at school be like when we all return?


Returning to school post Covid-19 – Helpful resources for school and home

The Alliance for Learning know that there are lots of challenges for children returning to school. It is not just the logistics of social distancing and keeping everyone safe, but how children will re-adjust.
Click here to access our range of resources that will support your school and children in returning to school post Covid-19.


Mental Health Foundation

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown is an unprecedented situation in modern times. It is hard to gauge the full impact that the situation is having on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.  This short guide aims to outline the scale of the challenge that schools are facing and provide practical advice and support for teachers supporting pupils as they return to school. Read by clicking here


Click here to read the Think Piece: A Recovery Curriculum:  Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic, written by Barry Carpenter, CBE, Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University, UK and Matthew Carpenter, Principal, Baxter College, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK 


Click here to read Recovering from COVID-19: the key issues – written by the ‘Recovery from Covid-19’ team, led by Professor Duncan Shaw The University of Manchester, UK 


Are you feeling worried about how the children in your setting will cope with the return back to nursery? Click out the latest resource from Anna Freud – click here to read 


Supporting post-lockdown education using the 6 principles of Nurture –Click here to read

Five ways to help children heal when schools reopen – Click here to read

10 books to share as children return to school after lockdown – Click here to read

Everybody Worries – PDF of online story book – click here to read


What works wellbeing – wellbeing at the heart of the policy report – click here to access


How we plan for the return to the classrooms, playgrounds and corridors of schools – Curated by a restorative collective of researchers, practitioners and school leaders in the light of COVID-19.Click here to access


TeachFirst article – Future terms: Looking after each other after lockdown – click here to access


This report explores the impact of lock down on children in poverty – click here to access


Jigsaw 11-16 Recovery Packageclick here to access


Recovery, Re-introduction and Renewal: Safe and Successful Returns to School please click here to access