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Teaching School Hub: the role of the Appropriate Body (AB)

Full detail about the role of the AB can be found here:

Appropriate bodies guidance: induction and the early career framework – GOV.UK (


Appropriate Bodies (ABs) will continue to play an important role in statutory teacher induction. As they have always done, ABs will be expected to check that all teachers are receiving their statutory entitlements (such as reduced timetable), and they will continue to have their role in assessment for all teachers. There is a cost for the AB package of support, and as a Teaching School Hub, we are able to offer both the AB and the ECF service. It is statutory that all Early Career Teachers have access to an ECF/ECT package and are registered with an Appropriate Body.

From September, the AB role is expanding to reflect the expectation that every new teacher has access to an ECF based induction. ABs will be expected to check that teachers are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF, alongside the other checks that they do. The DfE is referring to this as “ECF-fidelity checking” – ie checking that an induction programme is faithful to the ECF.

The AB role, and the level of fidelity checking, will vary depending on the induction route a school has chosen:

  1. For schools who have enrolled on the provider-led programme, the AB does not need to carry out fidelity checks at all, because the providers of the programme will be subject to a separate QA process. This is referred to as the Full Induction Programme (FIP)
  2. Where schools choose to deliver the high quality DfE materials, or design their own induction programme using the ECF, the AB will be expected to check that the support and training being provided is faithful to the ECF. (A more in-depth level of checking will be expected where schools are designing their own programme.) This is referred to as the Core Induction Programme (CIP).

We are delighted to be able to offer the full induction ECF programme in partnership with Teach First,  as well as the AB role through our ‘Golden Package’ of support

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If your school/setting is looking for Appropriate Body support, please click here to refer to our AB package of support.